Political Campaign Advertising and Marketing Strategies

How To Create Successful Political Campaign Advertising and Marketing Strategies To Get Elected!

Well, we know it’s been a very long time since we’ve added any blog posts here on our website, but the exciting news is that we are happy to announce that we just finished our first political marketing campaign!

We were able to help one of our clients, Sharolyn Hohman, to become elected as the newest City Council member for the City of Goodyear, so for those that are interested in getting political campaign advertising, we might be a good resource for you.

Political Campaign Website

We went through various methods to help our client create a structured political campaign marketing strategy.  Most everyone knows that proper keyword research is essential.  Our primary keyword we wanted to rank for was “Goodyear City Council candidates”.  We knew anyone serious about their voting would be doing a bit of research online.  We know that Google doesn’t always reveal the true value of keywords in its keyword tool.  That is why we ALWAYS use this research tool.   It is one of our “secret” weapons to finding valuable search terms.

We then incorporated our keywords into a political website that was search engine optimized.  In addition, the site was created using Responsive Design, so that it would render well on any mobile device.  We also did a bit of social media marketing, where we syndicated all the client’s blog posts via social media outlets to get backlinks and traffic as well.  We made sure to include a donations system on our client’s politcal website. We were able to get several donations made to her campaign on the website.

Political Campaign Marketing Using Video

The second method we did is we did a little bit of video marketing, as YouTube is owned by Google and video marketing allows a more personal message to be sent out.  It’s fairly simple to rank videos in the Google search results and helps to put our candidates image into the voters’ minds. We also used a custom video sitemap, so that not only would the YouTube video show up in certain Google search results, but we also embedded the video on a blog post.  The result?  We were able to get 2 video thumbnail images to appear in the Google SERPs!  If you’d like to see a screenshot of the result, then see this: http://screencast.com/t/xFbJ8nnNNE

Political Campaign Advertising Using Display Ads!

Then we also did a sneaky, ninja rockstar trick called remarketing and what we did is we actually got her branded ads to show across the web.  In fact, it generated about 750,000 impressions. That means her political campaign advertisements were seen over 3/4 of a MILLION times by people only in the Goodyear area. All for less than $400 via Google’s AdWords platform in the course of only 3 months. We also invested a couple hundred dollars in Facebook marketing so we could attract targeted people to local meet-and-greet fundraising events.

Success Political Campaign Advertising!

The result?  Without a background in politics, our candidate defeated their competitor by a 7% margin!  Of course, this is just a simple overview on how to construct a positive and effective system for political campaign advertising and marketing. If you would like to find out what we can do for you for your next political campaign, and how we can help you advertise it, then give us a call.  Not only will we get you elected, but you will also end up becoming a Local Business Rockstar!

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