Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

How Does Search Engine Marketing Help My Local Internet Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing encompasses all types of online marketing, but is typically associated with paid advertising.  Most people automatically think of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.  These are the sponsor ads you see in the Google results in the right part of the page.  The reason it is called Pay-Per-Click is because the advertising does not get charged until the searcher actually “clicks” on the ads.  Thus, it costs nothing to have your ad seen or read online.  However, once the searcher clicks on the ads, you will be charged and you need to have an ad campaign ready that is going to convert that visitor into a buyer.  Whereas traditional SEO may take some amount of time to ascend to the front page of Google, PPC can provide instant traffic to your website so you can sell your products or services.  We do not recommend using PPC unless you are properly trained!  Otherwise your investment becomes an expense that gets flushed down the drain!  However, under the supervision of a skilled professional, PPC can be very profitable and gratifying.  Search engine marketing is also one of the best ways to test your local internet marketing campaign!  Most businesses get started without doing any market research!  Inevitably, these types of businesses fail first.  If you can get traffic to your website using PPC, then you most likely offer a product or service that people are searching for.   Then it simply becomes a matter of becoming the best in your respective industry.  Would you like help with your first search engine marketing  and PPC campaign?  We might even give you $100 to get your started!  Hurry, before this bonus offer expires!  Call us today!