Text Messaging

How Text Messaging Will Make You A Mobile Marketing Rockstar!

When was the last time you actually didn’t have your cell phone with you?  Bet it’s been a loooooong time.  That’s a clue as to why you need to use text messaging!  Also known as SMS (Short Message Service), there are so many ways that a local business owner can utilize text messaging as a part of their overall marketing campaign!  Our philosophy here at Local Business Rockstar is to build your local internet marketing campaign so you can be found online easily and then create a seamless transition to those visitors actually wanting to come do business with you!  One key element to bridging the gap from online visitor to offline purchase will be mobile marketing.  Even if you are getting tons of online traffic, if they aren’t converting into fans, who really cares?  In the past e-mail marketing has been tremendously effective to building and maintaining a relationship with your online audience.  However, it’s efficacy has faded due to its increased popularity and saturation.  Although EVERY business should have a competent e-mail marketing plan, e-mail open rates have been in consistent decline.  In contrast, up to 98% of text messages get read!  There are currently no filters to prevent  text messaging delivery.  It’s high regulated and requires voluntary opt-in from the mobile user.  And statistically, more texts are being sent today than actually voice calls made!  So here are some innovative uses of text messaging that you should be using immediately!