Mobile Advertising

Want A Captive Audience Using Mobile Advertising?

If you have ever used a smartphone, then you know about the power of mobile applications!  These mobile “apps” offer different benefits to its users….from business apps, to music, to videos, to games, etc.  Some require small fees to access them, while others are free.  However, these apps can only be “free” if they are supported by mobile advertising.  This simply means the consumer can utilize their favorite apps at no direct cost for as long as they wish.  In exchange for this freedom, mobile advertisers are given the ability to place their mobile ad exclusively on that apps page.  What does this mean for you, the local business owner?  It means your message can be put on the screen of thousands of mobile devices!  Best part is that your ad is the ONLY advertisement on that page!  When done correctly, we can help you target your audience based on location, type of mobile device, and other demographics!  If you are familiar with Pay-Per-Click advertising mediums like Adwords, then this would be the mobile equivalent.  However, since it so new and underused, you can get visitors to your mobile website for as low as 5 cents!  Keep reading down the page for some different ideas on how your business can profit from mobile advertising!