Can Google Plus Beat Facebook?

Can Google Plus Beat Facebook in the World of Social Media?

With the recent launch of Google +, many people have been asking the question,  Can Google Plus Beat Facebook?  The short answer is “No.”  But the reason for this is that Google isn’t trying to directly compete with them!  An official from Google stated in a recent interview that their goal was to find a medium between Twitter and Facebook.  It is our humble opinion that Google is simply fortifying their position as the ruler of the search engine space and keeping more internet users within their funnel.  Remember, the only way that Google can continue to stay profitable is to sell their advertising.  If they can corner a significant portion of the social media populace, then it increases the number of people using Google properties, which increases the enticement for advertisers to hand over their credit cards to Google for paid ads.

Now, even if Google is trying to beat Facebook, it is highly doubtful that they will ever overtake or dominate them.  A significant portion of Facebook users are rabid fans and wouldn’t ever leave it in favor of Google Plus.  However, there are a lot of people who truly don’t love like Facebook that very well could move to Google Plus as their social network of choice.  Can Google Plus beat Facebook? Maybe.  Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Google + allows you to filter and segment your connections! This is something Facebook should have done a long time ago.  Anyone who is your friend on Facebook is privy to your status updates, whether they are your drinking buddy or your boss.  Google Plus’ Circles features lets you place your connections in any Circle group you choose, like “Friends”, “Family”, “Colleagues” or a custom Circle that you created.  It really can’t be long before Facebook re-codes this as a feature on their platform.
  • Google Plus offers Hangouts, which are live video chat rooms that allow groups of 8-10 people to simultaneously converse online.  Their software will place live thumbnails of the users’ webcams in a row across the bottom of the page and automatically detect which user is speaking and put their webcam at the top of the page in a very large thumbnail.  Yes, Facebook just recently rolled out video chat, but it is limited to one-on-one calls and hasn’t really been well received.  So far, Google Plus is better from what we can tell.
  • Google Plus is going to influence search engine results!  Let’s be honest…How many of you use Facebook as a means to do business online and to not really socialize? Facebook exploded because it is basically a huge online party that allows people to be friendly, play games, and goof off.  It is a good place to generate business, due to its sheer size, but it isn’t anywhere near as effective as Google.  When people use Google it is because they are trying to solve a problem.  People only buy something if it helps them to solve a problem!  Google has specifically stated that the Google +1 feature, akin to the Like button, will influence search results.  There is a little-known secret that if people link to your website from within Google +, then that link is a do-follow link and could have significant impact on website rankings.  Remember, Google wants the users to have the best experience possible and gives more control to the user as to how content is ranked and displayed.
  • Google Plus is already developing a Business platform that is separate from the personal network.  Business owners will be able to create on online identity for their company and help it network with millions of fellow entrepreneurs.  This will also have a significant impact on the way business is conducted on the web and influence website rankings.  In fact there is evidence to support this already according to this article on Search Engine Land.

With over 20 Million Google plus users already, we recommend local business owners to join the Google + network.  Currently, Google + isn’t available to everyone yet.  You can only join by invitation.   So if you would like an invite, please make a comment, and we will do our best to get you an invite.  These are limited, so hurry before they are gone.  Next, you must place a Google Plus One button on your website.  If you don’t know how to do this, then go to our Contact Us page and request our help.

Lastly, be sure to sure to download our FREE report.  Why?  Because the information will help you.  However, we were invited by Google to participate in the Google + Platform Preview.  This means we will be notified and able to test new Google Plus features as they develop.  As we evaluate them, we will share this information and show you how to use them to your advantage.  The people smart enough to be on our list will be privy to this prior to the general public.

So, are you excited about the Google Plus social media platform?  Do you think it will succeed?  Can Google Plus beat Facebook?  If you liked this article then HIT THE GOOGLE +1 BUTTON and leave a comment below!

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