Will Google’s New Changes Affect Your Local Search Results?

Will Google’s New Changes Affect Your Local Search Results?

Google just recently made a few modifications to the way they provide search results for its users.  One big change will affect local search engine optimization and mobile marketing, while the other change will influence traditional search engine optimization.

Local Search Results Have Cool New Features!

Have you ever been out late at night looking for a place to eat, drove around to a few local eateries, and got frustrated because you couldn’t find anything open?  Or you were out shopping on a late Sunday afternoon and wanted to accessorize your new dress but didn’t know if your favorite store was still open?  Then you will totally like the new filters that Google has added to its search results, especially if you are using your mobile phone!  The ever-evolving scientists over at Google have just launched a couple of new filters to help its searchers find exactly what they are looking for.  The primary feature is the addition of the “open now” filter to its Places listings.

Google Open Now Filter

Have You Claimed Your Google Place Page Yet?

In case you didn’t know, Google has created over 50 million mini-websites for local business owners to use for marketing purposes.  On these Places Pages, you can edit your profile to describe your business, categorize it, list your hours of operation, add photos and videos, etc.  For the local business owner who has optimized their Places Page, they will benefit from this new Google improvement.  Why?  Simple.  When a searcher looks for a local restaurant for example, the new filter will give the searcher the option to find only businesses that are “open now”. Thus, this business is way more likely to get that new customer versus another local business who has not optimized their Places Page.  Cha-ching!  Other cool filter features include “star ratings” so you can see which business has better ratings based on reviews by its local citizens and a “distance” filter so the searcher can find how far away that business is from them.  So the local search engine optimization game keeps evolving!  The question is are you and your business in position to take advantage of these improvements?  Are you actively working to get your business found online easier?  Do you need help?  Contact us for a free consultation!

Google’s “Farmers Update”- Did it make your web “land” better or worse?

The other shift made in Google’s search engine results was made in its overall search algorithm.  If you have a website, but no physical presence, then the only way people can “visit” you is if they can find you online.  And it’s very difficult to get found online if you don’t know what you are doing.  If you don’t know what traditional search engine optimization is, then please visit our page.  Anyhow, one of the ways you can get your website ranked higher in the search results is to get other websites to provide a “backlink” to your website.  Thus, if a reader of that other site clicks on a link, it will take that reader to YOUR website.  The more backlinks you have, the better.  But this is NOT always the case.  Especially with this new shift.  People are always trying to “game” Google, or basically find a way to cheat the system.  So a lot of folks were getting links from content farms, websites that didn’t really provide much value.  These sites usually only exist to provide these backlinks and typically contain duplicate content from other sites.  Google is in the business of connecting its searchers with fresh and UNIQUE content!  Otherwise, people won’t search on Google.  Then Google can’t charge advertisers for ads if they don’t have an audience.  Google then goes bye-bye.  Google not happy!  So Google’s mission is to ensure that the web stays organic and maintains a high quality ec0system.

Hence, the change.  Google basically “slapped” these sites, where basically they wind up being found on page 500 of Google’s results.  This also affects all other websites as well IF they were linked to these “farm” sites. That is why it so important to not only get backlinks, but to seek out quality websites to get links from.  Our advice is to stay away from automated backlinking tactics and build natural links.   The good news is if you have backlinks from quality sites and avoided these “farms”, then you should see higher page rankings for your websites, since Google pushed all these other sites down.  Well, how did your website fare with the new change?  Did you go up or down?  We are curious to hear your thoughts!  Are you even using search engine optimization for your business?  If not, you should!  Contact us to see if SEO is a good investment for your business.  We only work to build a long-term SEO strategy that will bring you new fans for the long haul!


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